Starfield: Planet exploration was harder and more punishing at first

It looks like director Todd Howard reports star field there must be an owner in the beginning more complex and punitive system relatedplanet explorationwith status effects that can further impact the hero’s chances of survival.

Speaking on the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences podcast, Howard initially reported that Bethesda was working on a system for management. Effects We thought the surface of the planets might present a much tougher challenge, but then decided to tone down those aspects a bit to make everything more usable to a larger number of users.

Similar to the preference for AI in battles between spaceships, the exploration of planets has also been toned down a bit to appeal to a wider audience and make it easier to beat various stages.

Status effects remain but have less impact

Starfield, an image from the game

Obviously, many aspects of this system have been preserved: landing on various planets, even now, involves possible effects that affect the state of the planet. Health The character of the character depends on the environmental characteristics of the planet and the presence or absence of appropriate equipment to cope with them, but this thing has been slightly remodeled.

Initially, these impacts could have had much larger effects, leading to greater difficulties in surviving even when exploring the surfaces of planets. diseases and disorders they remained, but their intensity and impact were apparently slightly reduced to facilitate discovery.

Howard recently reported that Bethesda designed Starfield to be played for a long time and provided at least 5 years of support for updates and new content.

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