Fallout 76 Atlantic City: setting, factions and details of the new expansion

Many of them come from the PlayStation blog information interesting about Fallout 76: Atlantic Citynew maximum expansion For Bethesda’s MMORPG, which takes us to a geography different from anything we’ve seen so far, one that goes beyond standard region boundaries.

Atlantic City takes us beyond the borders of Appalachia, starting with the previous expansion, The Pitt’s Pittsburgh. quite different scenarios for this new major installment of the post-apocalyptic MMORPG.

Atlantic City is a coastal city devoted to gambling as tradition dictates, a clear change from the scenarios of industrialized Pittsburgh. casino city New Jersey It was built in a very special way by Bethesda in this new expansion.

Three groups in precarious balance

Entertainers are some strange people

It’s a region with vibrant nightlife, electricity and running water everywhere, so it’s certainly more developed than West Virginia, where Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic adventure begins. Less affected by the Great War than other regionsIt found itself as an important economic center in the wake of global conflict.

However, this wealth has attracted the attention of some very shady characters: The balance of power in Atlantic City is in the hands of the following people: three groups Key Features: The Municipal Government manages Atlantic City’s lights, water, and food, but is otherwise run by organized crime racket The Family and a chaotic entertainment guild known as the Entertainer.

“Each of them controls something vital to the proper functioning of Atlantic City,” the developers explain, making it clear that the situation is quite complicated. As players find themselves tackling all three factions and their respective quests, they will discover just how tense the balance is.

Fallout 76: Atlantic City is the new Expedition, announced with a trailer on the occasion of the Summer Game Festival. December 5, 2023 On PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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