Graven: Definitive release has a date, here’s when it’ll leave early access

He’s coming back to show himself carvedThe first-person shooter game was seen as somewhat of a spiritual successor to Hexen and announced Hexen with a trailer. release date from definitive release and leaving early accessIt was set as January 23, 2024.

Graven will therefore reach the definitive version on: January 23, 2024 It will be released for PC, but there is still no definitive information about the release date of the previously announced console versions.

It looks like the Slipgate Ironworks team has prioritized the PC version, but we can expect others shortly after the full version is released on Windows.

An FPS full of puzzles

Published by 3D Realms, Graven clearly references the typical style of the 1997 cult Hexen, which rather strangely mixes fantasy features with classic first-person shooter gameplay.

Some particularly original elements of Graven stem from its hybrid nature, which includes gods. crossword inside the tight action of a first-person shooter, which makes it particularly interesting.

Graven has been available in early access for a while now, and we mentioned it in our first dedicated trial a few years ago. Meanwhile, work on the game continued and it improved significantly until it reached an almost complete form. We’ll have to wait until early next year for the second one, but in the meantime there’s at least a release date in a few years.

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