Sony: $7.9 billion lawsuit against PlayStation Store prices will continue

A. From where A lawsuit was filed last year accusing Sony of using its video game platform to overpay gamers. PlayStation Store. London Court is currently permission to proceed was granted The lawsuit was filed against the objections of the PS5 manufacturer. If it loses, Sony could have to pay up to $7.9 billion to UK gamers.

Competition Appeal Tribunal opposed SonyStating that he could not detect that it was [denuncia] “no reasonable basis for making allegations/no real prospect of success at trial.”

The lawsuit filed by consumer lawyer Alex Neill will now continue with a hearing between the two parties. It should be noted that Sony has not been accused of doing anything out of the ordinary like secretly manipulating prices. What is disputed in the case which is exactly what all modern platforms do: Implement tariffs and prevent competition. Both Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple and many other companies with their own closed platforms do this. The lawsuit alleges that Sony limits competition and raises prices for gamers by not allowing third parties to sell directly on the PlayStation Store.

How did the lawsuit against Sony begin?

The lawsuit began last August and essentially alleges that: anti-competitive practices Rather than charging a lower amount and passing the savings on to consumers, Sony let it get away with taking a 30% commission on all PlayStation Store sales. Sony tried to dismiss the case but was unsuccessful.

A version of these complaints was filed in the United States against Epic vs. Apple case and current Epic vs. It has already come to light with the Google case. The Fortnite company accused the App Store and Google Play Store of charging exorbitant fees to anyone who wants to do business on the platforms. On this occasion, Epic Games also admitted that it was ready to take PlayStation to court due to Fortnite’s cross-play.

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