Agent: A former Rockstar Games insider reveals some secrets about the lost PlayStation exclusive

Agent It remains a big question mark even today: it could have been a very interesting game, but the project is now completely gone and some new features have been added. background story arising from one old Rockstar Games said the person speaking about the title in a recent interview.

About Obbe VermeijCoach who was part of Rockstar Games in the past and worked on Agent before it was canceled by the team. In a recent post on his blog describing his experience at Rockstar North from 1995 to 2009, Vermeij described some of the events that led to the project’s closure.

“We really moved the work forward more than a year“I remember working on an armed ski chase scene,” the coach explained in his message.

There was no room for the Agent as GTA 5 approached

One of the leaked images of Agent

He then explained some of the issues that led to the complete block: “Game It wasn’t progressing well. as we hoped. It was inevitable that eventually the entire company would work on the new Grand Theft Auto. “We tried to scale the game to at least try to complete the middle part before the inevitable call from New York,” the developer said.

“We cut out an entire floor (I think it was Cairo) and even cut out the space station. It became obvious that the Agent would be too much of a distraction for us, so we abandoned it. I think it was moved to another team “It was at Rockstar, but it was never completed afterwards,” he reported.

This was the period when work on Grand Theft Auto V began in full swing, with much of the Rockstar North team being brought on board after working on DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV. This left no room for an alternative project like Agent, and the game was blocked.

Agent, which was announced in 2009, was expected to be an action movie with stealth elements based on a super spy in action. PS3 exclusive. Despite the passing years and less-than-favorable expectations, Agent was never actually officially canceled by Rockstar, so many fans still continue to live among the rumors in hopes of a possible return.

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