Shapeshifter Games: Saints Row writers' new studio co-developing Clockwork Revolution

After Embracer Group closed Volition, some Experienced developers of Saints Row and Red Faction They joined forces to give life Shapeshifting GamesAs Brian Fargo's company announced in a post on

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Shapeshifter Games' launch was announced in a post on LinkedIn, outlining the studio's goals and confirming that it was “already hard at work.” a great streamer on the next great IP“, whose name we now know. Matt Madigon will become the studio's president, while Rob Loftus and Brian Traficante, both Volition veterans, will become the studio director of production and the franchise creative director, respectively.

“Shapeshifter is a new co-development studio brought together by a group of experienced developers from Volition. We are focused on developing AAA games. One of the company's goals is to create a more sustainable environment for developers.”

“We're already working on the next big IP with a top publisher and looking to expand. Shapeshifter is always looking for talented developers to help us grow.”

A great collaboration

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As noted, Shapeshifter Games confirmed that it was already working to co-develop a new IP from a major publisher, but did not offer any further details on the matter. On the other hand, lightning artist AJ Nelson shared the project in question on LinkedIn. A game from Xbox Game Studios by Microsoft, later revealed to be Automatic Revolution.

“I can finally announce that I have joined the amazing team at Shapeshifter Games, who are co-developing an Xbox Game Studios project,” said Nelson. “I look forward to the new challenges, game worlds and stories I will help create within these talented teams.”

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