Metal Gear Solid: Kurt Russell explains why he didn't want to voice Snake

Kurt Russel He finally explained why he didn't want to dub solid snake inside Metal Gear SolidAlthough he was offered the role. Consider that one of Kojima's main inspirations for the character was Jena Plissken (Snake Plissken in the original), the protagonist of the 1997 film Escape from New York by John Carpenter, played by Kurt Russel.


Addressing the issue in an interview with GQ, Russell stated that he is more of a movie buff and that it was important for him to work on new characters rather than trying to reinterpret old characters.

Russell: “There's been a lot of situations where people wanted to do something. I don't know. I'm a movie buff. From my perspective, you have to understand, whether it was Elvis or Snake Plissken or Jack Burton or RJ MacReady, the character was from that project. He was that thing there.” . You get into that mindset. You create that reality. You want to reveal that world.”

Currently, the Metal Gear Solid series has returned to the market with the first Master Collection, which includes the first three episodes, as well as the two episodes released on MSX. Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater, a remake of the third part, is also expected to be released soon.

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