Cult of the Lamb x Don’t Starve Together: Cross-Over Update now available with a trailer

developers Lamb Cult we released a new update (patches 1.2.6) dedicated to cooperation with Don’t Starve Together. This update introduces many new features, including a new Follower and a new mode. Let’s see the official trailer.

First of all, the collaboration between Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together, follower spider shaped. To get it, you need to catch spiders that roam the camp until you get a skull and then are buried in a grave. So the new Follower will appear and available in different skins/colors.

It will also be new decorations Inspired by Don’t Starve Together: Alchemy Engine, Deerclops Figure, Marble Tree, Pig Head Flag, Science Machine, Potted Tree Guard and Straw Wall. Finally, there are new music you can listen to below.

New mode of the Sect of the Lamb

As mentioned, a new mode will also be added to the Cult of the Lamb. Penance It offers new mechanics inspired by Don’t Starve: hunger and sleep for our character, which will also decrease during the crusades (i.e. dungeon exploration). If either of them falls too low, a mysterious timer will appear and you’ll start taking damage. We will have to feed and sleep, or we will die permanently.

To play this mode, you must select it when starting a new game. This is a alternative way to play In the Cult of the Lamb.

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