Sea of ​​Stars: DLC is in full development and Sabotage Studio is considering a new game

Now that worldwide success has been achieved, the Sabotage Studio team reports: work on expansion related to Sea of ​​Stars are currently operating at full capacity, but the team is also next gameis currently in the initial design stages.

As for the Sea of ​​Stars DLC, its name is The Watchmaker's Sorrows and represents a new story to be encountered in the game world, thus bringing a new dose of additional narrative and adventure compared to the original contents.

In the said expansion, which has been predicted as an elusive goal since the Kickstarter campaign, the group of heroes is expected to help the Clockmaker and participate in a new quest connected to the said character, which apparently hides many mysteries.

Third game after The Messenger and Sea of ​​Stars

Messenger, a picture

But in the meantime, the team is also considering what comes next: During a summit last November, various ideas were put together for the new project, currently identified by the code name. “Game 3”it is effectively the team's third game, following The Messenger and Sea of ​​Stars.

Considering that Sabotage moves with a certain ease from an action platformer like The Messenger, reminiscent of the old Ninja Gaiden tradition but with a more modern structure, to the classic JRPG, we definitely do not know what to expect from this new project. With the Sea of ​​Stars.

As for the latter, the game surpassed 4 million players in less than four months, thanks to simultaneous distribution on Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra. We remember that The Completionist character was removed after the controversy caused by YouTubers.

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