MSI introduces an AI monitor to help players win in League of Legends

Iartificial intelligence It was the dominant theme of CES 2024, but its execution MSI MEG 321URX QD-OLED monitor Despite the many applications seen, it remains absolutely original. Help players win in League of Legends through some form of subterfuge.

The monitor in question contains hardware elements that manage the artificial intelligence that reports to players, among other things. existence of enemies Thanks to the icons and indicators on the screen, it provides a great advantage to users in League of Legends.

In fact, such a system can be considered. cheatand since it's built into the monitor's hardware, it probably can't even be detected by software.

skysight system

MEG 321URX monitor

This special feature of the monitor, called Skysight, is based on processing images through artificial intelligence and analyzing what is happening in the game. To be honest, the system doesn't do anything different than what you do with your eyes: Analyzes the minimap We are looking for suspicious movements.

However, assistance comes through doing this automatically and then placing icons on the screen corresponding to the presence of detected enemies, a system that is certainly more convenient and precise than what can be achieved by simply glancing at the mini-screen. map and other parts of the screen.

Among other things, the MEG 321URX tracks the health of characters in League of Legends and adapts the light of the LED light bar according to the situation. Other similar AI applications on the monitor will be incorporated into other games later.

The monitor also has a remarkable contrast of 1500000:1 and supports HDR 400 Display, 4K resolution and 240 Hz with HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 2.1 and USB-C connectivity. There is no news yet about the release date and price, but it is expected to arrive in the spring.

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