Unicorn Overlord: A gameplay trailer explaining the basics of exploration and quests

Atlus released a new version game trailer related to Unicorn OverlordCreated in collaboration with VanillaWare, the new strategic RPG focused on the dynamics of map exploration.

The liberation army led by the hero aims to destroy the power of the Zenoiran empire on the continent of Faverith. To do this, the player will need to free the five nations under their control and freely choose the order in which they do so.

When you reach a city under the control of the empire, a long war will begin, and in case of victory, not only the strength of the liberation army will increase, but it will also be possible to benefit from the services offered by shops and taverns. and other local structures that might suit the hero's purpose.

During your travels, you may encounter NPCs who can entrust you with tasks. These include repelling bandits, eliminating monsters, etc. It involves basic missions such as, and in these cases battles will likely take place in multiple stages. There are rewards to be claimed and sometimes even new companions to join the liberation army.

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