Foamstars: Some minor graphical elements are created by AI

foam stars contains some graphic elements Made usingproductive artificial intelligence. Producer Kosuke Okatani confirmed this into the microphones of VGC newspaper, responding to a direct question on the matter.

According to Okatani, most of the game was created by hand, while some of the icons were drawn using Midjourney, an extremely popular tool that turns text commands into visuals. The above is linked to the soundtrack and shows various audio tracks.

Middle of the Journey

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“All the core elements of Foomstars, its gameplay and the things that make it fun, are handcrafted. Having said that, we also wanted to experiment with artificial intelligence,” he explained. producerHe later added: “In terms of the amount of content in the game, it's 0.01% or less, but we used it to create icons within the game.”

In a later statement, Square Enix He explained that he uses very simple directions to create abstract images. Given the quality of the results, the images were used as covers for the audio tracks. “Everything else was created by our development team.”

Generative artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics of recent times. It is inevitable that it will be used in the world of video games. Moreover, Square Enix itself has already announced that it wants to use it heavily in the development of its games.

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