Roblox is already hugely popular on PlayStation during launch week

Circana (NPD) analyst Mat Piscatella revealed an interesting new fact about the world game station: roblox debuted Third on Sony platformbehind only Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Fortnite.

More precisely, Piscatella’s data comes from Circana itself (or rather, its follower) and refers to the number of players using this data. launched the game at least once during launch week. In this sense, Roblox ranks third after the two previously mentioned games.

Frankly we’ll have to see How long will success last? Roblox is launching on PlayStation, but we don’t believe it’s a complete flash given the success on other platforms.

Roblox is on PS4 but only

We remember this roblox A PlayStation 4 version is available, so there’s no native version for PS5, but it’s still playable on the latest Sony platform. Roblox is available on PlayStation starting October 10, 2023.

The game already exists PC, mobile and Xbox.

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