Counter-Strike 2: VAC bans some players due to a feature of Radeon cards

Counter Strike 2 Some players are regularly banned due to a feature on the graphics card they purchase. More precisely, Valve is warning that players who will use bounce latency reduction radeon All 7000 series will be affected VACThe game’s anti-cheat system.

Unaware players

Valve announced in a post on X that this option has been enabled in the latest Radeon card drivers Anti-Lag/+ For Counter-Strike 2, which modifies the game code to optimize performance. As a result, VAC identified this as a cheat and banned the unfortunate person in question.

Naturally, Counter-Strike 2 players did not take it well, especially those who found themselves banned even though they had done nothing wrong. AMD thus resulting in accusations that VAC released the update without communicating the news in advance to Valve, which could not have done anything to prevent bans considering that it was acting autonomously.

Offending drivers AMD 23.10.1. So if you have a Radeon 7000 series card and want to play Counter-Strike 2, avoid installing them. If you already have them installed, go back to the older version, 23.9.3.

Meanwhile, Valve announced that users banned due to new drivers will be reinstated once AMD restores previous drivers. In any case, no one should have long-term consequences for this situation.

In short, AMD’s new drivers, which were promoted as the key to eliminating lag in Counter-Strike 2, were indeed a harbinger of major problems with Valve’s game. The irony of fate. If you want to know more about the game, read our review.

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