Fortnite, Alan Wake: Flashback available: here’s the trailer and details

Event Alan Wake: Back to the Past available in Strongas confirmed by trailer Published by Epic Games: It is an accessible island to face the adventure of the cursed writer created by Remedy Entertainment.

It will therefore be possible if he is imprisoned, with the release of Alan Wake 2 now just a few days away, which will finally continue these events by bringing the character back to the screen in a desperate attempt to escape the “dark place” he is in relive the original story.

In Alan Wake: Flashback, we find ourselves searching for Alan Wake’s missing wife, Alice, against the backdrop of the iconic town of Bright Falls, using only our courage and our trusty flashlight. code To add the playlist: 3426-5561-3374.

The possibilities are increasing

Fortnite islands have given Epic Games another tool to enrich the famous battle royale experience, and although this opportunity has also been arguably exploited, its potential is beyond doubt.

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