Resident Evil 4 will be a more faithful version of RE2 and RE3, new details from Game Informer –

they appear new details on Resident Evil 4 From the rich content that Game Informer has devoted to the game: It will be a more faithful version of RE2 and RE3practically identical to the original with some series.

Featured on the cover of the next issue of Game Informer, Resident Evil 4 was tested by the editors of the American magazine during a trip to Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, and based on this experience, new information on the project.

According to Okami’s synopsis, Resident Evil 4 will introduce a series of side missions, new enemies and a new weapon, the crossbow. there will be no fast time events. Leon will be able to carry a few daggers to use when needed, for example, to take out enemies carrying Ashley on the fly.

The latter can be controlled by pressing the R3 key, although the exact mechanics are not very clear. However, for this remake, Capcom didn’t want to start completely from scratch, but wanted to improve every aspect of the experience.

Next time we will be able to touch the quality of the work done by the developers. March 24When Resident Evil 4 makes its debut on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions.

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