Release date is near with Rockstar Games in the finishing touches for a leak –

According to a recent leak reported by the GTA 6 News & Leaks 2.0 Twitter account, it specializes precisely in gathering information about the game’s development, release date related to GTA 6 may be more soon Rockstar Games is reportedly currently in the final cleaning phase before launch.

The question is obviously still very vague and just a vague rumour, but the tweet collects a series of messages from a well-known GTA leaker, Tez2, again based on a material analysis. They became part of the famous massive leak that hit Rockstar and GTA 6 a few months ago.

Based on some of the definitions used in those documents, it is assumed that the game’s developmental elements are complete at this point and Rockstar Games has transitioned. cleaning phaseconsidering that some terms indicate the result of actual development.

The comment was to be supported by several developers in response, who pointed out that some definitions such as “full feature” and visible “complete content” refer to the complete and playable form of the product, with further final detailing awaited. General cleaning.

All this shows that GTA 6 is now very close to completion, with Rockstar Games working on the final stages of the overall improvement for some time. Frankly, these are just speculations and conjectures, even though it’s been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto V’s release, it’s reasonable to think that the next episode isn’t too far off, even though the fifth episode is still selling very well.

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