another key figure has left 343 Industries –

343 Sectors keep losing pieces. Today’s news, abandonment Kiki Wolf Killinghead of the franchise’s transmedia and entertainment division halo. It seems that the manager didn’t leave Microsoft completely, so he wasn’t fired, but he changed roles. He has been with 343 Industries since 2008, almost since the beginning of his development studio activities.

Wolfkill made his Halo 4 debut as executive producer before spending eight years in the stated role. Recently oversaw the launch. TV series of Halo.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he oversees the company’s expansion.Xbox IPs. It’s unclear whether Wolfkill will continue to partner with 343 Industries in any way in his new role. Microsoft itself has not made it clear.

The truth is, the news of his departure comes after a string of bad news for 343 Industries, and the studio has been particularly hit by Microsoft’s recent spate of layoffs.

Wolfkill then joins other excellent characters leaving the software house, such as Bonnie Ross, who has run the software for fifteen years, or Joseph Staten, who is called in to save Halo Infinite.

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