Respawn Entertainment announced that Apex Legends Mobile will close its doors on May 1 –

Apex Legends Mobile will close its doors next 1 May (May 2, 1.00 in Italy): announced Reborn Funtries to explain the reasons behind this sensational decision. In fact, even the mobile version of battle royale looked pretty successful.

The second bad news of the night for the studio, which has just made the postponement of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor official. In this case, the decision to close the project was apparently due to “factors outside of Respawn’s control” and these were: to compromise on quality your experience

Today begins a ninety-day period in which Apex Legends Mobile systems will be phased out, starting with all systems. microtransactions and, of course, from the possibility of using already purchased products.

As mentioned, the servers will shut down at 1:00 am in Italy on May 2, 2023, at which point the game will no longer be accessible. Respawn has ensured that the passion for the Apex Legends universe has not waned, making this decision particularly difficult for the team.

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