Red Dead Redemption: port, remaster, commercial operation, masterpiece, plot?

Red Dead Redemption available today on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, a few years late: Thus, one can summarize all the (legitimate) controversy that accompanies the re-release announcement, which came thirteen years after the original release, but first of all debuted on the previous generation platforms rather than what was available in 2013.

Actually, the purpose of Rockstar Games is very clear: to deliver to PlayStation users. a backward compatible version of the game, like the one available on Xbox from time immemorial; Give Switch users an admission ticket to a set of indisputable values; handing over a lot of money to the company vault.

Talking about is inevitable price€49.99, which was perceived as too high for a simple conversion of John Marston’s adventure to which the Undead Nightmare expansion was added and the multiplayer sector removed. But is this really a normal port? Or is the increase in resolution and stabilization of framerate worth the technical name of the remaster?

Regardless, the controller has little to discuss: the experience is still very pleasantAs we wrote in our review of Red Dead Redemption for Nintendo Switch, and compared to the original, the improvements are not only present but also quite evident in terms of graphic definition and fluency, especially by running the title on PS4 Pro or PS5. .

More had to be done

Red Dead Redemption is shaking off the re-release of John Marston. Oh no, it’s a poster.

No doubt, you actually knocked on a really open door: We expected more, considering GTA 5 alone, it was legitimate to expect more from a studio that sold 185 million copies and therefore had the absolutely necessary resources to make it. a real remake Using the graphics engine and assets from the sequel, as Sony did for The Last of Us Part 1.

The game, which came to PlayStation Store and eShop today and will reach stores in physical format after a while, is representative in many ways. Minimum effort for maximum efficiencysimple conversion of the original product, moreover being careful not to unlock 60fps on PS5 to avoid having to do the same on Xbox.

it was a necessary operation to protect the game, by Rockstar Games: nothing more than that, nothing more than cheap. What are you thinking? Let’s talk about.

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