Overwatch 2: director responds to many negative reviews on Steam

Overwatch 2 came under fire review the bombing certainly heavily by users on Steam to force director reply to this attack in an official blog post addressing various issues related to the game.

Aaron KellerOverwatch 2’s director spoke of a lot of negative criticism, describing it precisely as a review bombing or a coordinated action by various players to undermine the game’s reputation: “We launched it on Steam last week and although we finished under review, the bombing isn’t a pleasant experience, it’s not a first time for new players. It was great to see you join Overwatch 2 for the first time,” Keller wrote.

“Our goal with Overwatch 2 was to make the game better. accessible for more people than ever before,” says the director, thus explaining some of the changes made in the new episode compared to the previous episode.

Keller also responds with a deeper analysis

Overwatch 2, some of the historical characters

Keller calls the action a real scrutiny bombing, but it also digs deep into the subject. official blog post: “Many reviews on Steam, PvE component We understand that this announcement, which was announced as one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction with the game in 2019, is about an ambitious project that we were ultimately unable to put together.”

So under the negative reviews there isn’t just a pile of unformed hate, it’s made clear to the developers and Keller is addressing the issue, but the solution is to move forward anyway: “We can’t go back in time, what can we do? enrich and develop Overwatch 2. This is our way forward. That means more maps, heroes, game modes, missions, stories, events, cosmetics and features.”

As we can see, Overwatch 2 would have been the worst game ever on Steam, with user reviews two-thirds coming from China, as users have been blocked for a long time due to a dispute between Blizzard and NetEase.

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