Red Dead Redemption is slightly better on PS5 than Xbox, new comparison video

Red Dead Redemption turns Slightly better on PS5 than Xboxaccording to new comparison videos In this case, it was made by ElAnalistaDeBits, which takes into account the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X|S versions of the Rockstar game, as well as the Nintendo Switch version.

If you’ve read our analysis of Red Dead Redemption, you know that the game runs on Sony console. 2160p and 30fpsWith the switch on, it changes from 1080p in fixed mode to 720p in portable mode, again at 30 frames per second.

Double Eleven’s upgrades to the PlayStation version result in improved texture filtering and slightly higher quality shadows, as well as faster load times – no big deal, but still some are good. improvements.

Xbox backwards compatibility wins comparison

As mentioned, Red Dead Redemption is actually the latter, although it can count on some minor improvements over the backwards compatible version for Xbox on PS5 (and PS4 Pro). moral winner of the conflictBased on reviews by ElAnalistaDeBits.

Microsoft has actually bestowed some really great functionality on their consoles; As far as we know, it has the ability to add new splendor to even games that were originally released years ago without any additional work from the developers.

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