PUBG: Battlegrounds, the number of players and hours spent in the game have been revealed

Online games and especially shooter games have been one of the prominent genres for many years and PUBG: Battlegrounds totally falls into this category. The game is a hit, we know that, but just how big is it? The authors have indicated the exact number of users logged into the game: 150.7 millionresulted in total 16.3 billion hours Playing games on PC and consoles. It is also announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds has been played in 242 different states, confirming its worldwide success.

“The PUBG community has expanded and transformed over the past six years, resulting in priceless memories, exciting updates, and great gaming experiences,” publisher Krafton said, confirming the shooter’s appearance. 75 million sales before game free-to-play.

Half of the number of players who connected to PUBG: Battlegrounds at least once paid for the game because of this. However, this confirms that switch to free-to-play format provided access to many players, but it’s also possible for a certain slice to just try it out and then set it aside.

“While it’s been really surprising six years, we believe everything we’ve accomplished in those years was thanks to the generous support and feedback from our players. Seeing you all enjoy PUBG has always been our biggest push.” to keep moving forward.”

We also know that PUBG developers want to rival Escape from Tarkov.

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