A reference appears in the Left 4 Dead 3: Counter-Strike 2 files

counter strike 2 contains a reference Left 4 Dead 3. This is reporting a reddit user who shared what appears to be a snapshot of Valve’s new game’s files. Of course this is a rumorright now.

more precisely, picture shown – located just below – shows messages: “version = 2, owner = triage*, importance = high, priority = none, category = —, product = left4dead3, component = other”.

It’s impossible to say exactly what it means, even if we admit that “priority = none” isn’t promising. It should also be noted that there may be some sort of reference to a piece of code found in some versions of Left 4 Dead 3 and used later. counter strike 2 and that this version suffers a bug that is “high” in severity but is not on the fix list (priority = none).

Left 4 Dead 3 viewed in CS2 files!
with u/PaP3s inside Steam

It’s impossible to say with certainty what this means, and it’s not the first time Left 4 Dead 3 is mentioned in the game files of Valve artifacts.

For now, we can only accept the potential existence of these lines of code and wait for clearer information on the subject.

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