BioShock Infinite turns ten today, March 26, 2023

BioShock Infinite returns today, March 26, 2023, 10 years. Ken Levine’s game is the third installment in the BioShock series and has taken us to a new environment, the depths of Rapture transporting us to the skies of Columbia.

BioShock is Infinite one first person shooterIt follows the bat left by the first episode (always developed by Levine), but limits the immersive sim mechanics and is more committed to the action.

Ken LevineIt hasn’t released a new video game since then, but we do know it’s working on Judas, a new adventure coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in the next two years. We still don’t know much about this game but above all it should be based on replayability and the possibility of “betraying” some characters and changing the plot.

But returning to BioShock Infinite, we remember that some followed the game. DLCs. First of all, Clash in the Clouds has been released, which offers an all-action mode. But more importantly, two Funerale in Mare DLCs (Burial at Sea) continue the story by bringing us back to Rapture.

BioShock Infinite (previous value) very well received at the exit however, over the years its quality has been negatively reassessed, especially for the way it has tackled various social issues such as slavery and racism.

BioShock will continue with a new episode, but we don’t have any definite information about the future of the project at the moment.

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