PS5: A miniaturized and functional version was created by modders

Channel YouTube “Not Concentrating” published an interesting video showing an experiment miniaturization applied PS5A truly convincing result was achieved with a much smaller version of the console containing all the elements of the original console.

The YouTubers in question are experts in this field modding It’s pretty advanced hardware, but they’ve really outdone themselves in this case, completely dismantling the PS5 and reassembling it in an obviously different form, retaining the hardware features in a completely different form factor.

The video details the procedure followed by the YouTubers, which involves a complete disassembly of the PS5 and the design of a new case that is definitely smaller than the original.

A real PS5 Slim

The company’s starting line is “We couldn’t settle for a 30% discount for the new PS5, so we went further,” referring to the dimensions of the new “Slim” PS5. the dimensions are not too far from the gigantic original.

Frankly, you can go much further than what Sony has done with their last console revisions. YouTubers took apart PS5 hardware elements and rearranged them to take up as little space as possible.

To do this, Not From Concentrate modders had to resort to a number of specially designed custom parts, and the result is a tiny parallelepiped that looks like a barebones PC, but is a PS5 in every respect.

To further reduce the dimensions and keep it similar to the original, YouTubers suggest a separate and removable optical drive in this case as well, as well as numerous variations regarding the distribution system and more.

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