Destiny 2: Starter Pack infuriates players who protest use of tags but Bungie removes them

Destiny 2 recently received what is considered one of the worst microtransactions ever launched for the game; Starter Packs What did he do annoy the players due to its relatively high cost compared to the low value of the content.

Despite its name, the Starter Pack doesn’t actually have much important content, and its price of $15 is quite high, although not high. disproportionate compared to the value of the offer. In fact, there are three exotic weapons inside (Traveler’s Chosen, Ruinous Effigy, and Sleeper Simulant), which players say are old and easily found by other means and are definitely not necessary to play the game.

The package also includes glitter and cosmetic items, but these can also be easily found through other systems in the game. I mean, in general, the package was seen as a kind of thing. stolen It’s geared towards gamers, perhaps focusing on the less experienced ones with that kind of name.

Labels protest

Destiny 2: The Ultimate Forme has been delayed

According to the community, this is a clear attempt to make money the wrong way, by charging high prices for easily available materials and offering them in a so-called package. misleadingBecause the Starter Pack may seem like an indispensable element to start the game, but in reality it is useless.

That’s why the Destiny 2 community launched a protest on Steam: In addition to the inevitable negative reviews, players also implemented a specific initiative: labels These actually have nothing to do with the features of the game, but they make fun of the package in question.

In recent hours, we’ve seen the Destiny Starter Pack associated with tags like “crime,” “capitalism,” “villain hero” and “psychological horror.” ironic. Bungie appears to have removed all tags in question, but in the meantime the outcry doesn’t appear to have abated.

While Destiny 2 is currently in its new Season of Wishes, its next max expansion, The Ultimate Forme, has been delayed until June.

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