Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2’s new trailer reveals the Banu Haqim clan

During PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, we witnessed a brief reveal of the third playable clan coming to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, scheduled for release in fall 2024. Although the first two to be revealed were featured in the original Bloodlines (we’re talking Brujah and Tremere), the announced one is something new to the saga. Let’s talk about Banu Hakim.

“Making Phyre Banu Haqim brings a unique perspective to the game world, changing the way players approach combat,” said Alex Skidmore, project creative director at developers The Chinese Room. “To make the most of this clan’s abilities, players must approach encounters carefully, landing their blows with finesse and precision to achieve their goals. These Kindred are patient and careful, making them ideal for players looking for a strategic experience.”

Who is Banu Hakim?

Banu Hakim recently joined the vampire society of the Camarilla. Judges and murderers follow a personal belief and feed on those who violate it, accepting it as punishment. They are more selective about where their blood comes from and are less likely to succumb to thirst than members of other clans.

“Dominate Me scientists, warriors and protectors In Vampire: The Masquerade. “Players expecting a more tactical style of play are getting the clan they’ve been waiting for,” said Sean Greaney, vice president of Paradox Interactive World of Darkness. “Each clan has distinct qualities that fulfill the player’s unique fantasy and shape their path. Bloodlines 2 is alive. Vampire: The Masquerade clans have long-lived worlds of their own, filled with history, motivation, and power structures. The Chinese Room brings these complex beings to life that are meaningful to players.” and has done a great job of turning it into an effective role-playing experience that makes them feel right at home in the Dark World.”

fourth playable clan in Bloodlines 2 will be announced in December.

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