Pikmin 4: Shigeru Miyamoto wonders why the series isn’t selling as well as others from Nintendo

Teacher Shigeru Miyamoto he asked himself at a round table. Pikmin 4How about the Pikmin series? sell less from other Nintendo series, although it’s really fun for him. While Mario’s own home has had very successful series like Mario or Zelda, Pikmin is still among the minor successes that can sell millions of copies.

teacher’s questions

Will Pikmin 4 be more successful than the previous episodes?

Miyamoto hopes the Pikmin 4 will change things up and sell well. According to him, it is the difference that makes the difference. perceived difficulty This will also be one of the keys to the game’s identity. If removed it will cause players to feel like they are not dealing with a Pikmin.

Miyamoto: “There have been three games in the series so far, from Pikmin to Pikmin 3, and personally I’ve always been like, ‘Why haven’t sales exploded even though they’re so fun to play? Why do people find them so difficult?’

You can die because I understand people find them harder. But I think the power of the series lies in its relationship with mortality. If something cannot be reversed, you must find a way to prevent unwanted things from happening. To prevent Pikmin from dying, you must apply “Dandori”. That’s what makes this game unique to me. I think people find Pikmin’s mechanics difficult for two reasons: the controls and the depth of the game. Gameplay. I spent a lot of time thinking about how we can present these aspects as “interesting” rather than “difficult”.

We’ve been discussing how we want as many people to play Pikmin 4 as possible, but if we don’t get enough of Pikmin, we won’t be able to meet the expectations of those who enjoy the series. up to the present. The first game had deeper combat, while the second was more comprehensive in content, and with Pikmin 3 we’re back to something more similar to the first. But after some thought, I realized that we can do both. we can hold depth It’s the gameplay that makes Pikmin so interesting, while providing the functional support for tackling the challenges with the controls.”

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