Halo Infinite: Fracture: Tenrai event returns, presented with a trailer

Back Halo Infinite event you will holda kind of classic among online multiplayer gaming startups that now comes with a new innovation trailer Presentation characterized by typical elements of this type of event.

Halo Infinite’s new Tenrai will be available 1 August – 19 September 2023it always brings with it other rewards in Japanese style.

Again, the Fracture event is inspired by the samurai and there are various rewards related to these that can be obtained by playing Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai II, the new battle pass

In particular, the event Fracture: Tenra II Includes a free 10-tier event ticket that is clearly inspired by traditional samurai armor, but allows you to obtain various pieces of Yoroi armor in the style of Halo tech.

By simply completing the objectives set by the game from game to game, we will be able to unlock various pieces of Yoroi armor, and there will also be a new superpack called the Dragonborn Pack, which includes three additions. Packages in it at a discounted price.

This also gives you a unique set of Legendary effects and “Dragonborn Noble” shoulder pads for your armor. Completing weekly quests grants Highlit Steel, a special skin for Yoroi armor. From September 19, it will be time for the Tenrai III event.

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