Diablo 4: A video from Blizzard reveals Season of Husks news

There Season of Husks related to Diablo 4 has officially launched and offers players new incentives to explore the lands of Sanctuary and face various atrocities. On this occasion, Blizzard released a Videos with italian subtitles The video where Blizzard developers tell us about the innovations introduced in the first season of the game, which you can view from the player below.

In the video, the developers give an overview. new original story and apart from the main Diablo 4 storyline, which will set the backdrop for the Season, where players have to deal with a new corruption that threatens Sanctuary. They will find an ally in Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light who has found a way to eradicate this plague, but to do so he will need our help.

in space innovation in terms of gameplayThe main one represented by Vile Hearts are objects obtained by defeating enemies that can be used to improve our build. There are 32 different types, so you will really be spoiled for choice. There are also new legendary features and unique items, as well as the gruesome new boss Varshan the Consumed that haunts the dungeon of Vile Galleries.

First you need to download patch 1.1.0a and 1.1.0b and create a character.

If you haven’t played Diablo 4 in a while, know that to participate in Season 1, you’ll need to download patches 1.1.0a and 1.1.0b if you haven’t already.

The first one was released a few days ago and contains a lot of changes, some of which was not received with great enthusiasm by the community as it frustrated many builds and slowed progress in some ways. The other one arrived a few minutes ago and contains only a few fixes.

Also, we remind you that to participate in Diablo 4 Season 1 and all subsequent seasons, you will need to create a new seasonal character each time, and this character will be transferred to the Eternal Realm at the end of the season, along with any other characters you create.

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