Operations begin with Halo Infinite: Spirit of Fire, let's look at the details and news

Halo Infinite Here's how it starts its new route in terms of updates and upcoming news: OperationsWith the release of the 29th Update spirit of fire and different contents and new features were implemented.

The Spirit of Operation Fire brings with it 20 tiers of rewards progressive, in this case focused specifically on the Halo Wars series. Among other things, there is a new Amore Core for the Mark IV armor, which is available to all players for free and is unlocked immediately after the update is applied.

Spirit of Fire battle pass is valid like its predecessors in other seasons 5 weeks and can also be activated following the conclusion of the temporal event.

Operation card and other news

Halo Infinite, new home screen

Spirit of Fire has free rewards as well as paid passes. For 500 credits, it is possible to get full access to the entire contents of the pass on a permanent basis, as well as a special item, the opening of an additional slot for challenges and a Match XP bonus during multiplayer play.

For 2000 credits you instantly unlock all 20 levels of the Operation Pass, get a special item and other features of the previous pass.

New features also include new multiplayer map Available in a variety of multiplayer modes, an arena called Illusion offers fighting in an asymmetrical environment at the Office of Naval Intelligence base.

Halo Infinite will have a particularly evocative new home screen to welcome players, as well as a host of other new features and improvements implemented by the patch. Post on the official Halo Waypoint blog to find out all the news.

Other new features include improvements and fixes, as well as numerous implementations for Forge that will further expand the creative possibilities for this functionality, leading to increasingly complex user-generated experiences.

on the subject subsequent transactions343 Industries has announced that Cyber ​​Showdown III will be active from March 5 to April 1, 2024 with Chimera-themed rewards, and The Yappening II will be available soon from April 2 to 29 with Grunt-inspired rewards. He announced his future. As previously reported, Halo Infinite updates will now move from the Season structure to new operations that will occur more frequently in the future.

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