Day of the Devs is asking for your help donating, you'll get 36 games and more

Developer's Dayiam8bit and DoubleFine's gaming event, which presents new independent games every year, announced a new event. Donation to continue to be supported and keep their offerings completely free.

To donate, you can visit the official Day of the Devs website. You can find it in these links. You can do two types of donations:

  • $100 – VIP access to live events and 36 games on Steam (Sea of ​​Stars, Oxenfree, Venba, A Little Left…)
  • $250 – 36 Steam games from the previous tier and special Day of the Devs-themed items (mug, sock, and keychain)

2024 Developers Day events

On Developers Day throughout 2024 three dates:

  • March
  • June (part of the Summer Game Festival)
  • December (part of The Game Awards)

Finally, we leave you with the games announced by Day of the Devs in December 2023.

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