Diablo 4: A “significant majority” of players haven’t finished the game yet

Diablo 4 this is a huge game and the data seems to confirm that the public is moving calmly. The Game Director of the role-playing game revealed that in fact, the “significant majority” of Blizzard title holders haven’t finished the video game yet.

“First of all, most of our players Diablo 4 game director Joe Shely said in an official broadcast, “He hasn’t finished the game yet. But most of the people watching this broadcast and our most passionate players play much faster and have experienced it in dungeons”.

with words”this situation with dungeonsReferring to the fact that most Diablo 4 users prefer to get stronger in the normal difficulty side dungeons of the game rather than tackling Nightmare dungeons…though the latter was designed for that. As a result, it will soon be necessary to make Nightmare dungeons more attractive to endgame players and keep them playing at their best. there may be some rewards and XP boosts.

Blizzard should continue too monitor technical condition It fixes some issues that caused Diablo 4 and sometimes a defeat in Hardcore mode. For example, in Hardcore, a player lost his character after 172 hours, the cause of death is a burden.

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