Naughty Dog on PS5: Neil Druckmann confirms to be the writer and director of the next game

Not that there is much doubt about it, but Neil Druckmann has actually confirmed its direct involvement in its development. exclusive to the upcoming PS5 continues naughty dognot yet disclosed.

There might be some uncertainty about this given the amount of commitments on the character in question: Druckmann has recently been almost the sole head of development, as well as co-wrote The Last of Us for HBO, whose second season we are waiting for.

In fact, with the departure of Evan Wells, Druckmann is now the sole apex of Naughty Dog, despite being supported by a number of collaborators who were deployed into new roles following an internal reorganization.

Neil Druckmann is already considering game development

Despite all this, Druckmann still busy on the front lines In the development of the new game for PS5, or in a new production, in addition to the multiplayer project related to The Last of Us, often described as The Last of Us 2: Factions.

This hasn’t been announced yet, but many think it might. Our End: Part 3A title that has already been amongst various rumors but has never been confirmed by the team.

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