Quantum Error: A trailer from PlayStation next week, maybe at State of Play?

quantum error will be presented with a new story trailer next week, directly play station apparently this brings to mind a possible Game Case involving the game in question as well as similar cases.

Wilder’s predictions aside, the point here is that Quantum Error will be shown with a new trailer next week, or rather 16 August 2023, the day when the release date will be announced. TeamKill Media, the studio responsible for this intriguing survival horror, reported that the game will be shown directly on PlayStation social networks during the said day.

This might actually make you think of something activity It’s true that the Sony-edited Company hosts some game trailers on its social channels from independent teams or third parties, with these may be time-specific deals or something like that, but in this case there is explicit talk of setting up “Sony’ to show the Quantum Error story trailer and release date.” ‘s YouTube channel.

The question brings to mind a broader event that was intended to include this information, so some have even begun to consider a possible event. Game Status by Sony PlayStation at that time.

At the moment these are just guesses, but the truth is that on 16 August 2023 at 20:00 Italian time, we will see the new trailer of the story and the release date of Quantum Error on Sony’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the game has reached the gold stage and is now ready for release.

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