MultiVersus, fans reacted differently to closure

Multiple Version officially closed until 2024, the year in which the reboot should occur. Some fan Although it was announced months ago, it did not take well to Warner Bros.’s choice, while others accepted the inevitable, albeit a little melancholy.

More precisely, in March 2023, the publisher announced that the game servers would be closed on June 25, and it was.

Some of MultiVersus’ most regular players say they’re upset that they won’t be able to play again until next year, but without exaggeration in melancholy or anger, than u/Officer_Zack Reddit Posting an image of the in-game message delaying 2024 to anyone trying to access it, he commented, “Ladies and gentlemen, the open beta has officially ended. I’ll be waiting for the full release of MultiVersus next year.”

Many hope that when the game is restored, it will be full. new content and for developers to listen more to the community.

Of course, there are players who do not agree with Warner Bros.’s decision, especially those who spend money on it. microtransactions “Not letting people use the money spent on your game until next year is something no company has been able to do successfully for obvious reasons,” user @trahh wrote. An example of this trend is Twitter.

Currently MultiVersus does not have a new one release dateSo we just have to wait. We don’t even know if it will reboot on all platforms or just more modern ones.

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