Resident Evil: Revelations, DRM Enigma Protector removed after controversy

Resident Evil: Revelation he saw removed DRM Enigma Protector After the fierce controversy that hit Capcom, expressed by the most classic review bombings by users on Steam.

In short, the bombardment of negative reviews of old Capcom games had the desired effect: The company said in a press release: an unspecified error It's included in the latest Revelations update.

For this reason the update has been withdrawn depending on further developments, but A possible re-offer cannot be ruled out It is part of an anti-piracy measure that, according to users, imposes a number of restrictions and affects performance.

Is it an effective solution?

Resident Evil: Revelation

Beyond the inexplicable need to add anti-piracy systems to products released a few years ago, it appears that the practice of review bombing can actually influence the choices of publishers and developers.

Of course, it is likewise an inappropriate weapon that has been used rather questionably on more than one occasion by a particularly vociferous minority of users.

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