Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the board game is a hit on Kickstarter

Steamforged Games experts recently Kickstarters fundraising campaign board game related to Monster Hunter World: Iceborneextensively in a few days. exceeded the target determined and is now sailing towards much higher results than the original goal.

The game was almost a few hours ago, Kickstarter campaign It aimed to raise just over €172,000 to start production of the game, and with 13 more days left, it’s now closer to €600,000. So the mission is definitely done and now it’s a matter of seeing which one extension target will be able to access the project in the remaining days.

On the other hand, considering its reputation steam tattoo and on the subject in question, it was not difficult to predict such a positive outcome. The game should present typical elements of the famous Capcom series in a “table” format and offer up to 4 players the opportunity to participate in adventures focused on hunting various monsters.

To decorate everything, there are miniatures and various reconstructions of the typical settings of the series, making the game also a collector’s item for fans. However, Steamforged is going through a rather tumultuous time with a series of staff layoffs.

However, that clearly hasn’t stopped new projects, and we’re now waiting to see how the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne campaign ends. However, given that we’re talking about November 2024, there’s still a long way to go before the game’s actual release.

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