PlayStation Showcase: Link to video already available on YouTube, ready for livestream

It’s still almost a week but everything seems ready. Playstation Showcase It was set as May 24, 2023 Link to YouTube video already available in case you want to prepare wide to go forward at the event.

about this infection English, with English subtitles and Japanese, but probably the content will be the same in all cases.

You can already see the embed above, but it’s clear that the broadcast won’t start until a few minutes ago. 24 May 2023 22:00so this serves more as a reminder.

Just to give you an idea of ​​the level of expectation that characterizes this event, chat Besides the broadcast, the live broadcast is very crowded by users who started commenting 6 days after the broadcast started.

On the other hand, Sony hasn’t been releasing large-scale events on PS5 for almost a year and a half, as it has opted for the more limited State of Play solution so far focused on a few or individual games. The PlayStation Showcase name adopted in this case, instead, refers to a broader event that will likely showcase different games planned for a larger period of time.

According to news from Sony, the broadcast will last about an hour and will include content. PS5 and PlayStation VR 2 gameswith news about third-party, independent and first-person productions. For now, we refer to the official announcement, which includes the date, time and all the details, as well as a summary of the rumors and possible contents of the event.

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