PlayStation: Jim Ryan allegedly told staff to ‘make a noise and send a message’

It seems so jim ryan wage stole to staff play stationContacting an internal email that Sony’s gaming division should do “make noise” and “send a message”. At least that’s what insider Millie A shared on Twitter.

According to Deep Throat, which has made many predictions about major stocks like Hogwarts Legacy in the past, this so-called memo was sent to employees as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard was reviewed and decided upon by major antitrust organizations and in conjunction with the announcement. next week’s PlayStation Showcase, an extremely important appointment for the company.

Millie A, especially for the SIE boss”Total sharing of ideas“is a term used in marketing to describe the consumer awareness and popularity surrounding a product or company. It’s no coincidence that the message also mentions “sending messages and making noise.”

We are talking about clearly unofficial information and therefore, as always in these situations, we recommend that you take it with some skepticism, although it may seem plausible.

After all, with the PS5 stock issues nearly resolved and sales soaring, it would make sense for Ryan to push the accelerator. Meanwhile, after missing the 2022 appointment, next week’s PlayStation Showcase could have a hypothetical prelude. “stage 2” for consoleGiven the rumors of a new model with removable players, the company’s plans for the live service games market, and the large number of PS5-exclusive games in development that are yet to be announced by both internal teams and third-party partners.

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