Minecraft: Mojang leaves Reddit after social network suppresses protests

mojang will no longer communicate officially reddit. developer minecraft In fact, it has decided to abandon the official subreddit, which has more than seven million registered users, due to pressure by social network administrators against users protesting the change in policy regarding the use of official APIs and rendering them unusable. Some famous third party apps used to access social network.

The farewell announcement was made by Mikael Hedberg, the technology leader of Minecraft Java. Hedberg later introduced that these changes convinced Mojang to “no longer see Reddit as a viable place to post official content or communicate with players.”

Goodbye and thanks for all the feedback
with u/sliced_lime inside minecraft

There has been a real battle on Reddit in recent weeks, with forms of protest covering all major subreddits leading to the forced dismissal of some moderators and the suppression of several threads unsuitable for management. For example, some moderators have made subdirectories private or marked as NSFW so they cannot be used for advertising.

Mojang’s farewell will mark the end of the official series with the update release notes, which is well-suited to a large part of the Minecraft community. Users will be able to release unofficial updates, but it will not be the same as before. It is recommended to follow as an alternative. feedback.minecraft.netwhere updates will continue regularly.

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