Call of Duty: PlayStation deal will expire after this year’s game

Still, from the documents submitted to the FTC lawsuit against Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, conclusion of exclusivity agreements with Playstation for Call of DutySeems like 2023 gamelast expected.

This information was also obtained from documents that were incorrectly censored by Sony’s lawyers, allowing the data to appear quite clearly under the deleted sections. “L”last game Under the contract, we have an episode of Call of Duty set to release towards the end of 2023,” we read, so it’s very specifically stated in the document provided by Sony.

This means that the next Call of Duty, or what’s due soon and possibly due to launch this fall, will be the last of the long exclusive relationship between Activision Blizzard and Sony. “The home of Call of Duty, an element the company has been focusing on a lot lately, starting with Andrew House”.

While the agreement is mainly about marketing, it also has various contents It’s exclusive to PlayStation in addition to launching long before some game modes and components compared to PC and Xbox. It’s not yet clear what will happen after the current deal closes, given Bobby Kotick is looking for a backup deal with Sony should the Activision Blizzard purchase go awry.

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