Call of Duty: Sony accidentally revealed how much money it made from the game on PlayStation

Among the documents (badly) censored by sony data are also available. how much money? company is derived Call of Duty on PlayStationand apparently that’s a lot of money.

As we’ve seen, Sony’s legal department has used the wrong pointer to censor documents submitted to court and made public, and it has become quite clear that the exact numbers and references the company wants to keep confidential.

Thanks to this intriguing bug, we can also find out how much Sony has made from the PS4 and PS5 sales of Call of Duty: as far as we can decipher, $800 million for the US alone and approx. 1.5 billion all over the world.

It should be noted that the figures in question refer to a single operating year, specifically 2021, which is used as an example to show the status of Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms.

Not only that, it seems that the players of the series are especially inclined to spend. microtransactions, DLC, subscriptions and accessories It’s varied every year, averaging $15.9 billion a year for the Sony PlayStation. This is of course because Sony takes a percentage of every sale made through the PlayStation Store.

On the other hand, while it was revealed from the documents that emerged as a result of the trial that approximately 1 million PlayStation users only played Call of Duty, the weight of the series in the Sony market can be understood.

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