Michael Pachter says the acquisition of Microsoft and Activision will be approved by the FTC in April

L’win related to Activision Blizzard from Microsoft future Approved by the FTC in AprilAccording to the predictions of the famous analyst Michael Pachter, who also explained what the terms of the deal with the US antitrust will likely be.

According to Pachter, the decision to take Microsoft to court was made by the Federal Trade Commission for the sole purpose of: Mandatory Redmond’s house confronting them and establishing a negotiation.

“The issue will be resolved next month,” the analyst wrote on Twitter. “The FTC is suing Microsoft so it can negotiate with them – I expect them to drop the lawsuit as soon as the company signs a contract. legal agreement commits through Support PlayStation

Florian Mueller, another analyst, also got into the argument, saying that Microsoft always intended to sign a deal and the FTC sued him for it, but now he must drop the narrative of harming PlayStation because any other option would not be rational.

At this point, Pachter added that, in his view, FTC chairman Lina Khan is trying to push the timing by moving forward legally to be able to claim a victory when there will be a sensational case to be resolved: a simple matter of political exposure.

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