Saints Row: All 2023 DLCs and Updates announced

The will was announced with an official statement Saints Row 2023 breadcrumbIncluding the new paid DLC included in the Expansion Pass, free additions and a host of improvements.

Saints Row will present11 April 2023 a new free pack of Dead Island 2: city of HELL-A meets Weird West of Saints Row. The content will feature cosmetic items inspired by the characters Jacob and Amy. Additionally, there will be a new weapon for the headquarters, a new emote, a pink flamingo hat and a statue of Carver the Shark.

WITH May, will instead come to Sunshine Springs, a new neighborhood in Santo Ileso. It will be free to play and will also include a number of quality-of-life updates to the game, including overhauls for combat, selfie mode, and more. However, as part of the Expansion Pass, there will be three new missions set in Sunshine Springs – The Heist & The Hazardous – about a well-known actor who will deceive the Saints.

Saints Row breadcrumb

WITH July instead, we’ll be able to get Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus, a single-player game mode linked to the Expansion Pass. Again, there will be improvements to Saints Row with patches and more.

closes at: August With the third pack of Expansion Pass: There are no exact details about this Saints Row DLC at this time. There will also be a new region expansion and a free quality of life update for all players.

Please note that all upcoming Expansion Card packs can be purchased separately without having to own the entire Pass. Saints Row is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The hope is likely that these contents will resurrect the game, given that, according to some rumors, the future of the series will be at risk after the reboot fails.

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