Diablo 4, the full map revealed with an image, and comparison with the beta

There map Completed Diablo 4 apparently very large: apicture It shows all the setting of the Blizzard title and comparison with beta and scenarios that limit themselves to a small fraction of what the Blizzard title really has to offer.

In short, the big places we played in the Diablo 4 open beta represent only one-fifth, maybe even one-sixth, of the places we’ll be able to visit throughout the entire campaign, which launches next June 6 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Just in the context of this experience, we talked about how the Blizzard game can have atmospheres very similar to the first parts of the series, as well as gameplay that seems very solid, sensitive and responsive from the very beginning.

After that, according to tradition, the weeks separating us from launch should be used in the best possible way to balance the experience: a way that won’t end in terms of release, but will clearly continue over time: punctual updates of the game.

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