Dead by Daylight x Alan Wake: trailer, release date and details of the new Survivor

Behavior Interactive and Remedy Entertainment announce a new collaboration Died in Daylightasymmetrical online horror game. Alan Wake Multiplayer will be a part of the game from January 30, 2024On all platforms where Dead by Daylight is available.

Additionally, a special trailerwhich you can see below. In the movie, we can see a number of scenes that “combine” Alan Wake 2 and Dead by Daylight.

Alan Wake he is, as always, based on Ilkka Villi and voiced by Matthew Porretta. There will be dialogue (and screams) unique to Dead by Daylight.

Alan Wake's abilities in Dead by Daylight

Alan Wake and Dead by Daylight collaboration cover

Alan Wake will be one of the new survivors of Dead by Daylight and will have his own Perks. Firstly “Champion of Light” grants additional movement speed when lighting a torch. If you manage to blind an assassin, they will gain the Blocked status effect, which will temporarily slow them down.

You can use it later Blessing: Illumination creating a Blessing Totem that allows all nearby Survivors to see Auras from Generators and Chests on the Map. When you have a Luminous Blessing Totem, you can purify and bless Totems faster.

Finally, Deadline activates when you are injured, increasing the frequency of skill checks when healing survivors or repairing generators. If you make a mistake, the penalty is halved.

Finally, let us remind you that the Dead by Daylight DLCs have been remastered, here is how it is and the prices.

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