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Electronic Arts sells Titan Fall 2 for him on steam lowest price related to anytime: € 2.99, ie 90% off the base price. A cappuccino at the bar with a plain croissant.

An opportunity to implement such an offer is the Chinese New Year sales this year, which is treated as a secondary event by the Valve platform, but still exploited by many publishers to sell a few more copies of their books. EA’s other offers include Need For Speed ​​Unbound with 50% off (€34.99 instead of €69.99), Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with 88% off (€4.79 instead of 39, €99) and F1 22 70% discount (€17.99 instead of €59.99).

Titanfall 2 page on Steam
Electronic Arts Lunar New Year Sale page on Steam

Titanfall 2 is a popular shooter for several reasons. The main one is perfect single player campaignis considered one of the best in modern FPS (although it currently dates back to 2016). The other is the lack of initial success with the long-distance recovery that has made it a cult hit, so much so that many want Respawn Entertainment to give it a real sequel. It’s tough given the success of Apex Legends, but it costs nothing to ask.

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