Endless updates let you admire Sheila in 360° in Perspective assist Mod – Nerd4.life

Bright Memory: Infinite It has been updated once again with the addition of the ability to look at models. Sila from all sides, turning them as they come in Perspective.assistant Modeie when the third person mode is selected.

You ask, what is the use of it, even if it is a very short FPS? The name of the mod should already give you a hint: Perspective-assist. By removing the “ist” we get a more open ass perspective, i.e. perspective from the hip (to avoid being rude). If this little word game ei sexy costumes Dressing up the heroine as DLC that launched in explosions over the months wasn’t enough for you to understand the logic of the new feature, now this update has arrived and lets you actually look at the girl as a whole.

Of course, these are just our hypotheses, please. But in a game that will need a lot more additions (finished in a sigh), so much care to show Sheila’s features makes sure that some suspicions are drawn to her.

In any case, the update was also an opportunity to fix some bugs that popped up in Perspective Assist Mod, some of which were absolutely annoying.

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